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Each of these people has made some contribution the development of our web site for beginners. The more made a sponsor – the higher the position in the table. Thank you, it appreciated and supported us:

Имя country
1 Alex Kravchenko Украина
2 Alexey
3 Dwarf Украина
4 Kozma Alexander Украина
5 Pylypenko Job Украина
6 name unknown ( date 12.03.2016) Украина
7 *******7423 (MTS) Украина
8 *******2652 (MTS) Украина
9 Professor Украина
10 Desided Россия
11 Vitaly Voloh Украина
12 Dmitry Mykulyak Украина
13 *******8831 (MTS) Россия
14 *******5634 (Megaphone) Россия
15 Eugene Kanivets-Titik Украина

If you were sent to the SMS site support or support site in any other way and do not find yourself in this list – let the site administrator Your name.

Спонсоры проекта PureCodeCpp
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  1. здравствуйте как я могу изучать эту тему которой есть на сайте

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