The basics of programming in c++ for beginners

The basics of programming in C ++

1 A very short introduction
2 Installation Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Express
3 Online compilers for C ++ and other programming languages
4 Stages build of program in C ++ (expected)
5 Writing the first program with C++ (+ video)
6 Data types, constants and variables in C ++ (+ video)
7 Data output on screen. Keyboard Input data (+ video)
8 Arithmetic operations (incl. combined operators +=, -=, *= and /=)
9 Increment and decrement
10 Boolean operations (+ video)

Loops and branching statements

1 Operators select if and else in C ++ (+ video)
2 Ternary statement ? : in C++ (+video)
3 Multiple selection switch statement in C ++ (+ video)
4 The for loop in C++ (+video)
5 Break and continue statements in C++
6 The loops while and do while in C ++ (+video)
7 Nested constructs in loops

Arrays and strings

1 Arrays in C++. One-dimensional arrays (+ video)
2 Strings in C ++, and character arrays (+ video)
3 Functions for working with strings in C++
4 Two-dimensional arrays in C ++ (+ video)

Additional lessons

1 The random number generator rand() in C++
2 The Microsoft Visual Studio Debugger
3 Exceptions in C ++
4 Enumeration types (enum) in С++ (video)
5Преобразование типоin
7 Input and output formatting in C++ (expected)
8 Working with files in C ++. Библиотека fstream. Part 1
9 Working with files in C ++. Библиотека fstream. Part 2

The functions and the introduction of recursion

1 Functions in C++ (+ video)
2 Options (arguments) the default function
3 Function overloading in C++ (+ video)
4 Function templates in C ++ (+ video)
5 Recursion in C++ (+ video)
6 Local and global variables. Area of ​​visibility. (+video)
7 Local and global variables. Area of ​​visibility. Namespaces (+video)

Pointers and links

1 Pointers in C++. Part 1: Dynamic arrays. Operators new and delete. (+ video)
2 Pointers in C++. Part 2: Passing a string to a function as pointer. Return the pointer of the function (+ video)
3 References in C++ (video)
4 Function pointers in C ++


1 Structures (struct) in С++ . Part 1 (+ video)
2 Structures (struct) in С++ . Part 2 (+ video)
3 Array of structures. A pointer to a structure
4 The dynamic array of structures C ++
5 Associations (union) in C++ (video)
6 Bit fields in C ++


1Классы в C++ (video)
2 The class constructor and destructor in C++
3 The overloaded constructor
4 Copy constructor
5 Pointer this
6 Operator overloading in C++ (video)
7 Working with Strings in C ++. Класс String C (video)
8 Friend-functions and friend-classes (expected)
9 Static fields and static methods of a class in C ++ (expected)
10 Class inheritance in C++ (expected)
11 Pointers to objects in C ++

STL containers (Standard Template Library): vector, list, queu…

1 introduction. Массивы со статической и динамической размерностью
2 STL containers
3 STL containers: vector
4 STL containers: list
5 Classes string and wstrting
6 STL associative containers
7 Container map
8 Container multimap
9 Containers set and multiset
10 Algorithms
11Functional objects
13Sorting structures
14Generalized numerical algorithms
15 Adapters STL
16Pointers in containers

Sorting and search algorithms in C ++ (Bubble sorting, Shaker-sorting, Selection sorting, and etc.)
Литература по программированию на С++
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The basics of programming in C ++
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