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Often there is a need to quickly show someone, how to solve a small problem on programming or how to implement the algorithm. You can just throw back a piece of code, but it is better to use one of the online-compilers. Many of them have the opportunity to receive a special reference to the compiled code. This link can be to leave such comments to articles. After going through it people will see not only the code, but also the result of the work program.

Consider a few options online-compiler supports the C ++ programming language

1. Online compiler for C ++ on site . Add the code, click RUN and wait for execution.


If in the course of the work program requires user action – perform their:

online-compiler - user actions

If there are errors, they are displayed in the compilation tab, which opens automatically. In the contribution options, you can choose a variety of options for the compilation, if you do not like the default.

To get a reference to the code – Hit

online-compiler - user actions

Just on this site there are the compiler for Pascal.

2. ideone online-compiler

ideone online-compiler

Right at the entrance to pay attention to the programming language, which is selected by default. Change it if necessary. Incoming data to make stdin:

ideone online-compiler

ideone online-compiler

Here a very large selection to compile languages:

programming languages ​​ideone

3. Online компилятор wall box

Wall box online компилятор

Incoming data is necessary to register in order to Stdin, clicking Run.

Wall box online компилятор

I like it, he keeps a history compilations. In addition to C ++, there is a wide variety of programming languages ​​to compile:

programming languages ​​Wandbox

4. C/C++ Online Compiler

online-Compiler Compiler

online-Compiler Compiler

In the latter somehow confuse with reference to their. Plus it is not clear where to watch the result of the program. Just shows, the program returned value 0.

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Online компиляторы
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  1. Use the online compilers!
    At least, in the learning process is much more productive, you can use MS Visual Studio.

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