The basics of programming in c++ for beginners

A very short introduction

basics of programming, programming from scratch,

This site was created with a great desire to help novice programmers in the study programming language based on C.   And most importantly–   as clearly as possible and as short as possible to cover all the major themes and provide more commented practical examples. So you will not find on our website various excursions into history: when and who created the C++ language and how it differs from other etc.  Although, this is too would be nice to know. If desired, this information can be easily found on the Internet. The focus is on the, to still give more valuable information– what, how, why and where it is necessary to write, causing a computer to perform the task, which is put in front of us. So go to the articleInstallation environment Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Express , that setting, we can proceed to the main – training and practice.

For those, who have already mastered the basics of programming in C and want to expand their knowledge, we recommend to visit the site about creating games Top Game Development

9 thoughts on “A very short introduction

  1. I have a question: that's part of the code is written in C ++?

    If so, it is necessary to begin to study..

  2. * Let's start with the study, maybe it will help me to build a full-fledged MIDI accordion.

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