A task: The construction of the power

The simple construction of the power N – is N – 1 multiplications per cycle. A multiplication – it is expensive, trudoёmkaya operation…

The wording of this task, such:

  • write a function exponentiation X ** N, but, that was required for this minimum the number of multiplications);
  • try to control and to include in the output number which were needed for the calculation of the multiplication.

P.S. logic of such a decision is not mine, and the famous guru Charles Anthony Hoare (Charles Anthony Richard Hoare), I just wrote down his decision code:

And here are some sample performance, what should happen:

with the solution of the problem, involution, logic Hoara, Hoare, the practice of programming in C ++

Newsletter of programming:

A task: The construction of the power
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2 thoughts on “A task: The construction of the power

  1. This example again shows the power of recursion as a method of calculation. Try to write this algorithm in an iterative technique (cycles) … and even better – then explain to someone how this algorithm works recorded.
    love recursion!

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